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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Missed Maximo Park!

Wow, I can't believe I haven't blogged for a while. Moreso, I can't believe I missed Maximo Park! My two younger sibs were inviting me to see the band at Popscene and I missed it! And I've been planning it for months, I even set an alarm weeks ago on my cell calendar to remind me. But circumstance beyond my control made me cancel on the event the last minute... *sob*

Anyway, the main reason we missed it is because Al and I had to clean up our old place before the month ends (which was today). Our former landlord also wanted to talk to us around 8:30 pm at night (which was about the time of the concert). Yes, I was so dingy and tired from cleaning, had a paper due today in school, had to do the readings, and tired from work, that I had no choice but to cancel. We also had to replace the light bulbs at my old place because it wasn't working anymore so we made a quick stop at Home Depot in Colma (oh and a quick detour to Ross too, hehe). Anyway, at Ross, while looking at accesories for our new place, I broke one of the spices from a spice rack display while looking for the price tag. It wasn't really my fault since it wasn't secured as the rest of the bottles which it should be. Al told one of the clerks and I offered to pay for it (as opposed to running, duh) but the cashier called the manager and Al explained that it wasn't secured and asked if we had to pay for it. Good thing the manager said no. Phew! That was a first for me. I remember the awkward moment of the breaking. It was also an embarassing experience because as it happened and while the bottle hit the ground and broke into pieces, one Pinay lady in her 50's passed by the aisle and shouted "Oh my Ga-aaad!" Hay naku to her, hehe...

In the mail - I received a letter from Lola. Whoopie! I'm happy coz everytime I call her, she couldn't hear me anyway so there's no use in talking. At least there is still an option of writing. I wish she knows how to email. I tried teaching her though, years ago. She even tried netmeeting which was cool (imagine my 90-year old grandma in front of the computer with a headset and a mini microphone talking to my mom over the computer while seeing her on the monitor. Too bad she never used it again, hehe. You can already tell by her confused (yet awestruck) look while using it for the first time in 2000...


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