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Thursday, June 16, 2005

New Furniture Delivery

Okay, I shouldn't be spending but I was actually glad the furniture finally arrived! They also assembled everything too! Anyway, my cousin received it with me and I had to get off work for a bit to reach home and meet them for the scheduled delivery. My cousin was gonna originally go there but said that her old car isn't gonna reach San Jose. Man, she should've told me sooner! Anyway, the delivery guys were totally late, well, more like barely on-time, but they still had to unload the truck, load it in the house, and assemble everything. So I had to take the rest of the afternoon off because of that. Bummer. Anyway, afterwards, we got hungry so we headed to Cheesecake Factory which was close to our place in a mall. Funny how this mall had valet parking! This is the only mall I saw that had valet, hahaha! After the late lunch, we headed home and decided to pay my bro a visit since my cousin is visiting from LA and she wants to see Camila, my niece. It was the first time I saw their new place and not bad. The area is okay, although I couldn't imagine myself living there. But at least Camila has her own room. I liked the walls which they repainted. Nice color choices. They would have been my personal choices as well. But I wasn't a fan of the master and girl's room colors though. Also, the supposed light faux color painted kitchen cabinets, which I think is only good in metal surfaces (you get the picture, hehehe). But I'm assuming the cabinets are not done yet which has white paint still and very outdated hardware. I also like the ceilings and beams, and I wonder if its redwood. I also like the backyard, but they should do something with the weed. Even though they cut it, it will grow back again. Overall, not bad at all.


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