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Sunday, June 12, 2005

Prepping for the Move

Yeah, today we went to SJ to clean up our new place. A very nice, sunny day to do some cleaning too. There wasn't much to clean but we wanted to prep for our move. My younger brother is also moving to their new home today. Anyway, the former owner didn't live in the place for three years, so there were some cobwebs outside. Now, our place is spic and span. We also checked out the amenities. Check out more pics below -

Lots of natural light by the dining area.

Al cleaning up our patio area. Want BBQ?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, you two are becoming serious Silicon Valley residents! It'll be nice to have the two of you closer! Now we can go to a movie on short notice and not have to plan it because you'll be closer now! And, now you can take pics of me and post them online! LOL....J/J.

7:56 PM

Blogger Indie Cindy said...

Silicon Valley baby! Hehehe. You know I'll miss the city! But I'll make sure we're there all the time =). Yeah looking forward to see a movie with you at the new Cine Arts by Santana Row. Oh and by the way, you do have a pic somewhere....Let me know if you want it out. Peace out!

12:38 PM

Blogger Indie Cindy said...

Silicon Valley is becoming such an experience for me. Unlike SF and other cities in the Bay Area, SJ is the only city where there's valet parking in the mall! Hahaha. Oh, and don't forget the virtual teller experience in Santa Clara, hahaha.

12:40 PM

Blogger Indie Cindy said...

Oh and Mo, I friend just called me this morning and said that he just heard from the news that SJ is the second cleanest city, next to Portland, and that SF was no. 5. I guess something to be proud of too! =)

12:42 PM


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