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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

A Reason to Celebrate

Yey! Another achievement by Al. Too bad I couldn't make it to his special 'naturalization' day because I had to work. But we had lunch together by the lake near my work with some good 'ol Tu Lan! We also had to meet because I've been sleeping at our new place and he was still at our old place since its closer to his work. Oh well.

Funny, how I tried a couple of routes the past days. It's not as bad as I thought although its a bit further just a few miles. There are definitely traffic spots, especially near the downtown area, but nothing major compared to when I lived in Tracy! Traffic from Tracy is terrible every morning!


Blogger Sophia said...

hey indie cindy! were about to see war of the worlds! YEAH!! i woke up at 8 and wer gonna see the 10:30 show. its the first one everrrr!

9:03 AM


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