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Sunday, June 05, 2005

Sick and Bed-Ridden

Yesterday, I wasn't feeling very well so I just rested and slept a lot the whole day. It was a much-needed rest too after working so hard for the past days. After drinking a lot of orange juice and taking care of myself, today I feel a bit better. Yesterday, I was very, very weak that I could barely move. I really hate being sick, and I do get bored too. I also hate not being productive during the day. Anyway, later today, Al and I were driving around to find a place to eat dinner when we saw a little fair/carnival going on by Serra Bowl so we checked it out. Even tough I wasn't in the mood and still weak, we had to go out since there was no soup at home and forced myself to check it out so Al can enjoy. He ended up playing a few games in the very cold and windy weather. Al won three stuff toys just for fun. He always likes either those dart 'pop the balloon or hit the yellow star' games or those baseball 'knock down the milk bottles' kind of games. I like the tossing games coz they're easier, hehe. Anyway, he usually likes the basketball shooting games too but he knows he's not gonna get one in since the rings are so small so he didn't waste his time on those. I use to remember these carnival road shows and rides when we used to live in Westlake coz they were usually on the parking lots by the plaza. I guess since the area is under construction, they moved to Serra Bowl's parking lots. Anyway, I think my flu worsened since it was sooo cold.


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