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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

The Virtual Teller

I'm feeling a bit better now although I'm still weezing a lot in the morning. So I decided to rest one more day since I'm still feeling a bit weak and my throat and chest is still hurting from the coughing. Went to the doc to refill my inhaler prescription for asthma and passed by the bank too. Gosh, I was amazed at what I encountered. I must either be so shallow and late in the game, or just normal to get overwhelmed with technology. I went inside my credit union's building and was shocked not to see any tellers or a heightened counter for tellers. I saw desks instead and assumed they were for new accounts and other services so I inquired if I can make a withdrawal. They said to go outside by the monitors and pick up the phone and there will be a live teller. I thought I was dreaming (maybe coz of the medicine) but the machines which I thought were ATM machines were actually video screens were you can contact a live teller. Unconsciously, I said 'wow' out loud and the lady by the desk smiled. Outside, I couldn't stop saying 'wow'...

So I picked up the phone and immediately, a teller was on the monitor, talking to me either via phone or intercom if the phone's down. So I sent my info and wrote down what I needed by inserting the collateral in a plastic tube container. Then I closed this container and put it in a small space that has a sliding door that automatically opens and closes (and auto-locks to secure your info). Then it shoots up to the teller where he does the transaction when I press the 'send' button. Very impersonal but it also seems very safe for them since robbers can't just barge in anymore and take people hostage. I think its a good idea, and I'm sure there might be some who don't like the impersonal touch. The teller then shoots back the container with receipts for me to sign and I give them their copy. He explains everything to me on the monitor. Funny how I wasn't sure which buttons to press and I felt so innocent, haha. It was just a wierd experience for me but like anything else, I guess I'll get used to it. But I still couldn't stop saying 'wow'...

More things that make you go 'wow' - Apple *hearts* Intel, Nokia 9300 features office applications (Al wants this phone, hehe), the Breakfast Club reunites (at the MTV Movie Awards), and Bam Bangs Jessica??!?@#$%!? Hahaha... My comment on the latter - ewww!


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