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Monday, June 20, 2005

The Weekend Move

So far, I called up the electric and phone companies to set up service, and moved some stuff over our new place so I can start organizing. My internet's ready, just in time for the first day of my online class today. I did my laundry just to check if the washer and dryer's working. I'm glad that the former owner also left the appliances, which were also barely used by the way. Because of the move, I missed the Fiesta at Civic Center in the city. Even a friend skipped it to help us out in the moving. And boy was he a big help! I thought it was gonna rain this weekend and I'm glad it didn't. I have posted some stuff as well on Craiglist that I'm selling and giving away. Am giving away a G3 iMac (with an external burner) to this guy who was gonna exchange it for five good movies. Whoopie! I will post some free stuff and items for sale if they're still available.

UPDATE: Okay the guy picked up the iMac. Sorry for those who were next in line for it. Anyway, he didn't give me the Million Dollar Baby and Ray DVDs though as I requested but he did give me Sideways, Adaptation, Napoleon Dynamite and Big Fish plus $20. I also went to the new place so I can go online for my class since my internet connection is there. I explored the area at night and discovered that we're right next to the movie theaters and a plaza that had a Cheesesteak joint, Vietnamese and Japanese restaurants, a Dollar store (hehe) and other stores. But I was so happy to see a Filipino restaurant in the plaza as well. Whoopie!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cin, don't go to that Walmart! But your mall is nice! Your condo is nice period! As Napoleon would say "LUCKY"!

2:18 PM

Blogger Indie Cindy said...

Hahaha, too late! But it looked like the other Walmart's I've been - all were pretty bad, hehe. Actually the one in Union City was a little bit nicer. Anyhoo, I found some cheap stuff I wanted anywayz so I might go back there, boo hoo hoo...Oh yeah, I just watched Napoleon last night on my laptop. It's aight... Are you sure Napoleon's the star or Pedro?!? I think Pedro rules! hehehe

1:06 PM


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