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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Another Car Accident

This time, I was the driver. And as usual, it's not my fault. I swear, it seems my Honda is cursed! Anyway, it's weird because before I left home, Al and I were watching the news and there was a feature regarding cellphones. The reporter said that people talking on cellphones while driving were 4 times at risk to be in an accident. And Al jokingly said that he'll take my cellphone from me so I won't get into an accident. Also, another weird thing was, I usually take 101 to go to work, but since I wanted to avoid traffic, I took the 85/280 route instead. And that's where it happened. To top it all off, a pregnant lady with her 1-year old son strapped on his car seat, bumped into me. She was looking at the back to check if her son was okay, and since th cars in front of me were stopping, I slowed down as well and boom! She hit me! The split second she didn't look, she hit me. I was shocked and shaken - very shocked. The impact was so strong that my car radio flew out of its compartment. And my neck and head was hurting since it literally slammed on my seat (imagine a jack-in-the-box when you open it, springing its neck back and forth - that's what happened to me). And my head is heavy, my neck sprung all the way at the back after springing all the way in front. So right away, as the cop was talking to me, I felt hurt looking at him on my right, so I had to move my whole body to see him. But the bumper didn't have any dents since the impact was pretty much in the middle of it (also made me proud of the endurance and strength of my car - okay maybe small dents). There were deep scraping and scratches, plus the bumper got loose that there's a gap and might fall off anytime. Her car was more damaged, with the insignia flying off the freeway, and her front bumper dented. But I was worried for her since she was pregnant, even if my neck and shoulders were hurting from the impact. We decided (she dialed) to call the cops to help us out. I called my employer to tell them I was gonna be a bit late, and I ended up going home early anyway since I was still in a state of shock. But I did manage to finish some work (and obviously, I couldn't concentrate). Oh well... *sigh*

UPDATE - I spoke to the insurance late yesterday and the damage was worse than I thought. I didn't try to open the trunk but the repair guys told me too and sure enough, it was difficult to open. The whole flooring underneath it is smashed like an accordion, and the bumper is off that the muffler is actually burning it. They also said that they will have to tear the car apart to get a good estimate and might replace the whole fooring of the car. That's a huge job, worse than the last accident endured by the car last year (btw, I wasn't driving then). Will bring it back today and get a loaner too.


Anonymous Momo said...

Gee Cindy, thanks for calling me and letting me know you were in an accident!!! Are you okay? Okay, now if I know you're driving, I won't talk with you on the cell phone! Be safe okay! People are more prone to accidents when they are commuting long distances...I got into one minor bumper mishap when I used to commute to TZ...Beware of other drivers!

2:15 PM

Blogger Indie Cindy said...

Yeah, mo, I should talk and drive =P. But that time, I didn't even talk on the cellphone. I'm okay, except that my neck and shoulders and back is hurting. For a while too, I felt dizzy. But moreso, I was in a state of shock and I'm still scared of driving. Yikes! But I'll be okay. I just need time to rest and face my fears...

7:59 AM

Blogger Sophia said...

o my gooshnik!!! when u called me yesterday its like u told me an entire summary of what u wrote in ur blog! hehe.. well i hope ur oki doki now. hav u been driving yet since that happened?

4 words from me to u..

--wait. u got a new car already.. haha wut was i thinking? nvrmind

maybe it IS cursed! ya never kno...

10:25 PM


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