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Friday, July 29, 2005

Bad News from Mom

As usual, my mom calls only when there's bad news in the family. My Auntie Lily in Washington DC flew to the Philippines because her mom (my gandma's sister) died of cardiac arrest. I am disheartened because I know her and remember my summer vacations at Lola Loling's house. We would swim in the ocean near her house and hang out with my second cousins. Among my most memorable experiences included falling in a fish pond while walking on thin land that separated two ponds where they cultivated fish. Another experience that I would never forget was when my uncles made me drink tuba (a Filipino alcoholic drink) with dilis (fried anchiovies) which I hated after tasting it!

Anyway, my condolences to Auntie Lily and family. A lot of my relatives went back to pay their respects. Unfortunately, my grandma couldn't go since she's too old to travel. The doctors also discourage her to go. I'm sure she must be devastated because she is very close to her sisters.


Blogger Sophia said...

WHAT??? mommy never told me!

11:58 PM

Blogger Sophia said...

mommy wants tia linda's number. do u know it?

12:00 AM

Blogger Indie Cindy said...

nope. i don't know lola linda's number.... sowee...

11:01 AM


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