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Saturday, July 23, 2005

Celebrity Mania Part 2

...continued from post below... So going back, around 2 pm, we went to Monster Park but there were too many cars that we got turned-off and just turned around. Besides, Don's family went there already and said that it was too hot and that you couldn't really see the stage. So we just opted to eat at Tu-Lan instead, hehe. After eating, we went back to Bill Graham and found out that we couldn't get tix. The GMA folks were very, very disorganized when it came to directing people with no tix. They didn't have lines formed, and they didn't seem to care about crowd control that it almost became chaotic. Good thing we're very patient with people trying to sneak in (they're gonna get their karma, hehe). We were also in a good spot, almost in front of the line. But there were a lot of pushing that the lines were broken and a massive crowd were trying to get in. Don and I managed to get main floor tix (woo hoo). Al on the other hand didn't (he was the first person that didn't get it) and the line was still early. But there were so many seats still (thank goodness) that Al got in (phew) so we just went with him (and skipped the good main floor seats). But we could have gone anyways if we wanted to but opted to check out the higher levels too to see the effects of the stage, and I must say, I am impressed with the show itself. At least we didn't have to stand in the heat and not see the stage just like the ASAP show going on in Monstar Park. Also, a lot of people who went to ASAP went to SOP because they got turned-off by the heat and a lot of these people wanted to switch to GMA too.

The show was very, very entertaining (there were a couple times I wanted to give standing-ovations to either Regine Velasquez or Jaya). It's a typical variety show with celebrities. I could go on and on, but I'll just give some of the better highlights. They showcased some of GMA's shows which impressed me, especially the fantasy show series (I know, it sounds funny hearing me getting impressed with tele-seryes but you gotta see it). The effects were amazing for television. I still don't like the static graphics of the shows which were the same as ABS-CBN's. To the people responsible, please keep in mind that it's about cool print graphics as well! SOP cast members are very talented people. I just didn't like the singing of novelty songs (then again, what would Joey de leon and Ruffa Mae do without them?) So when Joey told people to stand up, they didn't, hehehe. I guess people here were more sophisticated than that. That might work with the ASAP crowd, haha! And, just when I was impressed with the live singing, they bring out a bunch of love teams and youngsters who obviously lip-synched! Hay naku! Other than than, it was a very lively show with great dancers, great singing, and very cool song selections. To top it all off, they got Lalaine (from the Disney show Lizzy MacGuire, Hillary Duff's best friend on the show) rockin', singin' and dancing on stage with some celebrities. That was really cool. She was actually very pretty! But the most endearing part of the program was their recognition of Fil-Am World War II vets who I always supported and recognized since my grandpa was one. There was also a special appearance by Nora Aunor honoring the vets, but not that it mattered, hehe. Ya know what I mean! I guess she's trying to save her tarnished shab-user image! Go figure!

The show definitely convinced me to subcribe to GMA. This was also Al's first time seeing a Filipino variety show live since seeing a Side A concert in SF years ago. I was also glad to see some celebrities such as Ogie Alcasid who I haven't heard live. He was really good. Janno Gibbs, on the other hand, needs a long overdue haircut (and what's up with the sunglasses?) or hairstyle. Pleeeez. Jaya and Regine was just wonderful. I saw Jaya long long time ago at a Philippine Fiesta event in one of SF's Pier buildings in the early 90's when she was still very chubby and unknown and was still based in the US. Who would've have thought that she would be big now in the Philippines? And I was impressed, especially with her rendition of Through the Fire which was way better than Chaka Khan, really. Her's was simply amazing that people acknowledged it with their clapping and screaming! I also saw Regine when I was a teenager in the early 90's at the Cow Palace, but only for a brief moment since I was watching the VIP doors at the same time (haha, my concert usher job when I was way younger). I remember that - 'coz right next door was a rave party which I wanted to go to at the time (not Filipino though). I saw Jolina by accident one time at Civic Center at a Fiesta Filipina event. She does look prettier now and I'm glad she got rid of her bangs. I always loathed her pa-cute style, ugh! I'm curious as to what image she has now since she's older. I saw Goma several times already which I'm getting sick of too. They should make him stop sing and dance (he looks like a DOM dancing) and what's up with the earring? Mid-life crisis? Even in the Philippines, I remember when I was around 14, I would always see him in BF Homes at this remote-control race car track which is just across our house. He always played with his RC car toy there. I also remember seeing my high school classmate there, Rhea, who was Carmina Villarroel's older sister, watching the game. We were just watching them race their toys around the tracks, got tired, and walked to church. I remember her sister wearing a tutu (I guess she just came from ballet class or something) in church! This was when Carmina V was just starting out in the Palibhasa show, I guess. Now, Carmina's with the GMA family and is prettier than ever! I was especially pleased to see KC Montero in person (with a mohawk, yeah!) I guess the guys in GMA are way way cooler than the ASAP hunk guys who I think are yukky (sorry fans if I offended you). Eigenmann was there so were the Gutierrez twins who were surprisingly cute (I think the parents - Eddie Gutierrez and Annabelle Rama - were in the audience). More to name but I'm tired typing. So I leave you with some shots of the program (my apologies for some blurry pics) -

The awesome and talented hosts of SOP singing on stage.

Another stage shot. Can you find Kuya Germs? Haha.

Here's my blurry Lalaine pic (far left) next to Jolina.


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thats soo cooL! u saw lalaine hehe. which one is her?

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Blogger Sophia said...

oh nevermind hehe (far left.. DUH)

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Blogger Indie Cindy said...

sorry pia, I didn't see your comment until now. yup, she's on the far left...

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