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Friday, July 22, 2005

Class Officially Over!

Wow, can you believe it? It's been a while since I blogged. The past weeks have been hectic. Last weekend, I finished fixing our closet! Yey! We had to buy a step ladder just to reach higher parts of the closet. Believe it or not, it's color coordinated! Haha, am I being anal? Anyway, I was also busy with class. Today it's officially over. Am glad about this and I learned a lot and met new colleagues. At first it was intimidating because most of them were intellectuals, and very smart and experienced. But the online class made me comfortable in sharing my thoughts (since they can't see me, hehe). Anyway, I just submitted my final project last Wednesday (which is also the deadline) and I can't believe I made it! I'm hoping to get my paper back tomorrow and see a final grade. Just as I'm done, I'm starting another class in a few days. Hay naku! It's hard work and a bit overwhelming since it's a higher level course and I'm also working full time, but I'm just trying to motivate myself and think positive about my future. But for now, I'm enjoying my little break.

And how did I start my weekend? Al and I went out with Mo and Der since it was her birthday few days ago. We just treated her at E-Bar as a birthday gift, and since we missed her birthday. I also got a cool spoon rest at Ross near her place that matches out kitchen's motif. I was actually at Barnes looking for my textbook for my next class but they didn't have it. Now I have to order it online, but I might get it too late. Bummer.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks Cindy and Al! Dinner was good, sorry I was so tired! Let's hang out tomorrow Cin! Take care, Mo

11:05 PM


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