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Sunday, July 31, 2005

Daddy's Sunday Visit

I was so glad to receive a call from Daddy yesterday telling me that the whole family will pass by and visit. It's good timing too because I just finished painting the frame of an oil painting I found at Goodwill in Mountain View. I'm still looking for a nice print for the other frame I found.

Anyway, today, I went grocery shopping with the intention of either cooking lunch or dinner. They had a late start so they didn't get here until the afternoon. They were complete, minus my younger brother Anthony who is still in Kuwait. I offered them some apple juice and New York cheesecake while Cherry was watching Whale Rider on cable. We were chatting too when Daddy said he wanted to go out for dinner. He suggested TK Noodle which he loves. He wouldn't really eat anything unless its Asian food, Nat says.

Anyway, after dinner, we drove to Santana Row to show them the place. Nat has been there before, but not the rest of them. We just drove around it and headed back home. I'm glad they really loved the place. It's small but it's home...


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