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Sunday, July 03, 2005

Independence Day!

So we didn't exactly plan our barbeque on the 4th, but instead decided to have it today so we can have some rest tomorrow. I'm just glad I get to spend quality time with Al since he's off today and tomorrow. Woohoo! Anyway, we hung out at Jep's place for barbeque day! He had some ribs and korean barbeque, some grilled veggies and corn, and some barbeque chicken. There was cheesecake, cookies, fruits, ice cream (yum), chips, pita bread and stuffing, salad, etc. Al decided to bring some watermelons at the bbq. Their house is getting nicer. Camila, again didn't want me to carry her. And I thought she'd know me by now. Bummer. Maybe a few more years. They had some friends and family come over. I was glad to be around family as well and chatted until it was night time. Then headed home to watch Big Fish again on DVD. Man, I was crying again while watching the movie! I guess it struck a chord.

On Live 8 news, too bad I didn't get to see it (I heard it was huge worldwide) but oh well, I've heard how MTV had bad footage on the event. And why I didn't see it? Oh, coz we don't have a TV at the moment, hehehe, until we buy a new one. But it's okay, not that I missed anything special.


Blogger Sophia said...

happy fourth!

1:46 PM

Blogger Indie Cindy said...

Hi Pia,

Sorry about last night, I was so sleepy and tired fixin' up our new place (it's getting there) so I didn't have a chance to talk. You should see it, it's nice now! =) Anyway, happy fourth to you too!!!

--- ate cin

10:29 AM


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