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Saturday, July 23, 2005

Pinoy Celebrity Mania!

Here's the story of this hectic but enjoyable day. A friend of mine, Liz, visited me in the morning since she was on her way to her boyfriend's who is just an exit away from our place. I feel guilty 'coz she had a little birthday celebration at Dave & Buster's in Milpitas later at night and I couldn't go since another friend of mine called me early in the morning to see if I was going to this Filipino event thingy. So imagine me rushing to clean up the place last minute since the visit was also last minute. I didn't finish cleaning up and she was already here (and she drove all the way from Union City - she must have been speeding, hehehe). She also wanted to check out the place since she's looking for one too. Oh yeah, if you guys need a realtor and loan officer, she's your gal! Call me if you need her contact info and are looking into buying a house. Yeah, small plug right there, hehe. Also note that I didn't sleep the whole night last night because I was surfing the net and I just wasn't sleepy. Maybe 'coz I ate my left-over Jambalaya earlier at midnight. Plus, I had to drop off Al before 5 pm at work since we were gonna be in SF anyway so no point for him going back and forth.

So the day begins. Liz was hanging out after my rapid clean-up, then Don called to tell me to get tix since the cut-off time is at 1 pm and he's helping his family install pergo floors at their house. But I couldn't leave since I had Liz at home who I wanted to see since I haven't seen her for a long time. Then another friend, Mo, called 'coz we were supposed to go shopping while Der was at football practice. I wanted to go 'coz I wanted to explore more of the city but couldn't now. Then Al called to tell me to pick him up since they let him off early so I had to cut short Liz's visit (sorry Liz). It's kooh 'coz she was gonna have breakfast with her boyfriend anyway. Had to shower really quick and change, then brought the loaner car (remember, my car is in the shop still) to SF.

While driving towards SF, 101 was already traffic due to an accident. Don calls saying that he went to get tix at Island Pacific and its sold out. He suggested to go to Bill Graham Civic Auditorium instead before 1 pm. I still had to pick up Al and make it to the bank by 2 pm before it closes. So I pick up Al and he was surprised I didn't take the Land Rover where he left his clothes to change. Oops, miscommunication right there. My bad. We rushed to the bank, put some gas, picked up Don, and headed our way to downtown SF. Imagine me driving for a second time today to SF from San Jose. Btw, Al borrowed a shirt from Don, hehe. Thanks!

As soon as we arrived at Bill Graham, there weren't a lot of people so we were happy, thinking we had a chance to get tix. We didn't make it in time though, since it's past the cut-off of 1 pm. We asked some people and they told us to come back before 5 since they also sold out around 12 noon. We walked around a bit to check out some promo booths and inquired about GMA directTV service. We were hungry so we decided to pay a quick visit to the other event going on in Monster Park thinking they might have food booths. Don's family was there but we weren't feeling the other show by another network called ASAP since we wanted to see something new. Don't laugh! I'm not a Pinoy celebrity fanatic or anything, but I wanted to see this show SOP out of "curiousity" and get some good "free" entertainment. It's rare that Pinoy celebrities come out to the US and have free shows. Besides, the SOP line-up seemed ineteresting, although I have never seen this show ever! I just heard about it.

Here's the story behind the two shows too. ASAP is a popular noon-time show in the Philippines under the network ABS-CBN. It's especially popular in the US because the only Filipino channel here is TFC (The Filipino Channel), which is run by ABS-CBN. In August of this year, another network competitor in the Philippines, GMA, is launching their international channel, GMA Pinoy TV. The show at Bill Graham was their launching announcement which was also being broadcasted live in the Philippines as well. Their noon-time show, SOP, is also popular. In fact, people say its more popular and way better than ASAP, therefore I was curious to see it (not that I had TFC either). I did see ASAP live before but was very, very disappointed since it wasn't entertaining, plus they were very disorganized and boring, so people left early. I believe this happened a few years back. Anyway, GMA was originally chargin for the SOP event since they have big names in their line-up. ABS-CBN probably got threatened by the competition since for a long time they have monopolized the international arena, so they thought of showing ASAP at the same time for free at Monster Park (which is false advertising since they should have said Monster Park parking lot only, haha). Man, they didn't even get the venue itself. So GMA was probably threatened as well, and probably weren't selling as much tickets as they would have hoped, so they called-off the charges and offered a free SOP show as well. As for the Filipino population here, we are happy, happy, joy, joy. Imagine a hoard of the biggest Filipino celebrities in in the Philippines paying a visit in San Francisco all in one day that Fil-Ams can see for free! This is truly a rare event in the making! Yes, the beauty of competition!!!

To be continued... (see above post for part 2)


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