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Monday, August 01, 2005

7th Year Anniversary

So another year in our world of marriage begins. This hectic week also begins. Went back to work as usual, and it was busy since it's the start of the week. I also did errands (such as pay bills) since it's also the first day of the month. After work, I was anxious to go home since its our wedding anniversary. Can you imagine seven years together? I guess we went past the so-called 7-year itch. Anyway, we planned to go out, but Al surprised me with dinner. I was elated and I heartily ate. But while eating, I couldn't breath since my asthma and weezing (which has been escalating for the past three weeks since my car accident or might have been triggered by a change of environment and weather since the move) has inflammed my lungs. I had to stand up to avoid any chest pressure and to get some air but still had difficulties breathing. I was scared. Al suggested that we go to the nearest emergency hospital which is just across the street from us. As soon as we got there, they admitted me and gave me four treatments and some medicine which relieved me right away. They also had to monitor me until 4 am in the morning. Poor Al was just waiting by the bedside even though I told him to go home. Even though we both had work the next day, he still went to a 24-hour pharmacy to get my prescription. Yep, that's how we celebrated our wedding anniversary, hehehe.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's what you call love after 7 yrs!!! Sticking together in the ER and getting prescriptions for the other! I hope to find that kind of love one day...Sorry to say, "C" wouldn't get me my prescription or stay with me. The two of you are truly an inspiration.

2:11 PM

Blogger Indie Cindy said...

You're too funny Mo. I think the guilt trip did it for me =P

3:46 PM


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