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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Class is Over! *Sigh*

I feel so relieved! I just submitted my final paper, and am four hours early in submitting it. Wow, I still can't believe I made it! I was in a panic mode for the past weeks, plus I couldn't concentrate this weekend for some reason. Even at work, I was especially busy. Because of that, I've been working overtime as well. It was difficult enough to catch up with my projects and discussions. But finally, I am having a break after 10 long weeks. My classmates are relieved as well and are looking forward to our short break. I still have to register for the next two classes come fall semester. So I guess my summer sem is officially over and I am brain dead after all that critical thinking at this moment. Hehehe.

Yesterday, I had a visitor at home and his nephew. We all went swimming since it was a nice sunny day outside (plus I wanted to clear my mind). Al was trying to teach me to swim (okay, okay, so now you know I can't swim). I'm really scared of the water, I don't know why. My friend brought some goggles and he made me wear it so I can look under the water. Funny how all of them went underwater at the same time, and they were making funny faces too! I was cracking up! I envy my friend's nephew who is only 10 years old and can already swim in the 8 feet area. Don't laugh but I can only stay in the 4 feet area and would get nervous around anything deeper than that. Anyway, we didn't go to the spa since the weather was already hot (I guess it would be apppropriate at night though). At night, we went to Gilroy to return these cool Nike rubber shoes I bought few days ago because I wanted something else. We made a quick trip to Farberware and bought this stainless steel spice rack that I've been checking out everytime we go there. It was 10% too. Then we went to SF to drop off my friend and his nephew after an energized long-drive thanks to his music!


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