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Friday, August 19, 2005

Colleague Says Goodbye

Another one of my dear colleagues at work has now moved on to another company (good one too) working in software development. It's hard to see her go but she won't be too far away. Anyway, to bid her farewell, some co-workers of mine and I went to Suraj, an Indian buffet restaurant in Redwood City. After a hearty lunch, I was ready to go home. It's funny how so many of my co-workers are leaving and I have recently gotten calls from big companies which is closer to my home (one even considering a relocation in Washington which would be perfect for our plans but not just yet). But I like where I work now though...

Anyway, I was driving around our neighborhood looking for a car wash and to my dismay, I couldn't find a single one. Weird. For dinner, Al is grilling a whole bangus which he stuffed with parsley, onions, and other herbs. Yum!


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