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Monday, August 15, 2005

Gas Mini-Adventure

In the morning, I picked up an old friend in SF since she wanted to check out the new place and go shopping afterwards. Funny how I had a trip to the gas station in mind, and yet while I was driving, I forgot (again) to make that trip and fill up the Rover with gas. So it happened. We were driving to the mall in SJ when the vehicle suddenly stopped, but was moving because there was still some speed left in the car. I immediately steered into the nearest Chevron and thank goodness it was just right where we ran out of gas. I was laughing because I didn't even make it to the pump, although I was in the gas station already. I think I was just 2 meters away from the pump - yup that close. So I thought of just buying container and fill that up with gas while I transfer it to the Rover. The cashier asked where I stopped and they were amused because as I pointed the car to them, they saw how it didn't quite make it to the pump and yet was so close. So one guy offered to push the car until it reaches the pump. Phew! Thanks to him, I didn't have to buy the container anymore (and panic), hahaha. My friend was very amused and all I can do is laugh...

At night, Al grilled some chicken breast so he can test the new outdoor electric grill. The food smelled so good while he was cooking it! My friend brought two huge crabs that she cooked herself. Al also sauted some chopped veggies on the side. Dinner was superb! I just had to use my hands to dig into the crab. Btw, that was also our birthday celebration for my friend who visited today. Happy birthday! Wow, lots of birthday celebrants this month.


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