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Sunday, August 21, 2005

Gilroy Outlet Shopping

This weekend was pretty slow for me, and yet not enough to accomplish my tasks. I am overwhelmed in school right now with projects and readings left and right, as we enter our final week (which will be one busy week again since it's finals). Anyway, on Saturday, I did my regular chores such as do the laundry and clean our place, in preparation for my older brother's visit. I found out that he couldn't make it in the morning but will come by in the afternoon instead. So I took advantage of the free time to catch up on finishing my school project. But my brain wasn't working and I couldn't concentrate. I ended up washing two vehicles, watering the plants, putting up pictures, cleaning the bathroom, and going to the bank. Oh well. As soon as I got home, my thought process was on a roll and I was already in the middle of my project when suddenly Al came home from work. Again, I was distracted. I ended up sleeping a bit earlier hoping to get a fresh start on Sunday.

Al was off this Sunday, so I prioritized him first and spent quality time. This was sort of the highlight of my weekend when we found a huge Goodwill store that was near our place (and they had nice stuff too, but outrageous proces though). I managed to get a $5 throw pillow I've always wanted and a nice $2 print. He wanted to go to the Gilroy Outlets which I wanted to do as well. I could not say no to him since he usually works on Sundays and I barely spend a whole day with him. He especially asked for this day off to be with me, so I cannot disappoint him. It's also called bad timing. At night, he fell asleep to get ready for work the next day. I took advantage of another "alone time" and continued the project. Guess what time I slept? 5 am! Yep, I had work the next day (today) and am practically in spaced and zoned out mode, yawning every minute. Ha ha ha!

UPDATE - We went back Gilroy later in the afternoon because Al wanted to purchase something (an Eddie Bauer dark green jacket vest). They had a three-day sale (he bought an orange-checkered short-sleeved polo for $6 bucks yesterday! It was good to shop on a weekday and after work since there were barely people in the stores, the weather was way cooler since it was almost night time, and they close at 9pm anyway (we were only 20 minutes away). It's like driving from Daly City to San Mateo. I wanted a stainless steel spice rack but ended up buying a new Nike running shoes with orange colors on it. Al practically forced me to buy it! But it's a good deal and it's nice anyway.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the jacket vest hon, I really like it. Also, thanks for a wonderful weekend, let's do it again next weekend :)
I love you

4:42 PM

Blogger Indie Cindy said...

no more shopping! =)

5:05 PM


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