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Sunday, August 07, 2005

Installing the Dish

Finally, after days of basic cable, Al finally calls the Dish Network and gets a subscription. Two funny guys installed it. They were hilarious and fast too, and actually fun to be with (for a short while). One was sweating profusely (it was a hot day so I turned on airconditioning). They asked for water and said that our water's good (care of Brita, hahaha) and hung out to teach me the remote and watched movies too. Yeah, it's movie time. We got a good promo deal of the top 60 channels with HBO and Showtime for $19.99. To top it all off, we got the SuperDISH antenna, had free professional installation and a free DVR and HD upgrade. Al is now happy, happy, joy, joy...

On sad news, Peter Jennings just died of lung cancer and the Shuttle Discovery didn't land today due to bad weather in Florida. I didn't even know Peter Jennings didn't finish high school. How inspiring! He is a professional and a student of life though. And that's what makes him great - his passions. I guess it goes to show, anyone can accomplish anything if you put your mind to it.


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