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Friday, August 05, 2005

An Italian Friday

Wow, I can't believe I'm eating too much! Anyway, I met up with an old friend who just works so close to my work! For so many years she's been there and I never knew she was just a block away! Anyway, we finally had a long overdue lunch (we vowed to see each other at least once a year few years ago). We decided to meet at Mistral, a nice italian restaurant by the water near Marine Parkway. I never knew this structure existed (along nearby houseboats) since I'm usually by the plaza in front of Electronic Arts. We got outside seating on a nice warm day with a view of the water as well. We both tried the seafood paella while trying to catch up with life stories about each other. I was so glad that I saw her after two years I think? There goes our vow, hehehe. Good thing she decided to YM me last night. Anyway, I'm hoping we can have more lunches together, right Sheila?

At night, I met up with another friend Mo and her son Der to have dinner at Olive Garden, another italian restaurant, but more commercialized. I got seafood fettucini, Al had spaghetti and meatballs, Mo had ravioli portabello, and Der made his own pizza. But they also had unlimited salad and bread sticks, and I still had some soup too so we really didn't have room for dessert (although their dessert menu is so tempting). I am sooo full as I type this. You can say that I am all italian-ed out! Just kidding. Am just glad that I got to hang out with Mo again and poor Der who was tired from his football practice. Too bad Cesar, who is celebrating his birthday tomorrow, couldn't make it. Maybe next time...

Earlier today, after work, I ran out of gas (again) thinking that I woud make it home. Unfortunately, I was stuck by freeway 101 shoulder. Scary if you ask me since the cars were driving so fast. Good thing Al was home so I called him and he drove and looked for me to put some gas. After an initial gas fill, the car still wouldn't start because it needed more gas. So he left again to go to the gas station. While I was waiting, the CHP tow person stopped and helped me out by putting more gas so I could make it to the next exit and fill up the gas tank some more. Such a nice guy! He also stayed with me until Al came back just to make sure I was safe. Coolio! Anyway, I also want to thank Der for getting the check from Mo. Hehehe Mo, your son is a good boy (and has excellent reflexes and speed)! He is the coolest! As Napoleon would say - lucky!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOL...that was not cool cuz I wanted the bill!!!! Next time, the bill is on me!!!! The food was good though and the company was okay....J/J...thanks for the dinner!

12:26 AM

Blogger Indie Cindy said...

Hey Mo, sorry that we didn't make it to the park at C's bday celeb. Al got home around 6:30 pm and he got off work around 5:30 pm. We figured that you were were probably done by then. Tell C happy birthday from us!!!

--- cindy

9:10 AM


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