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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Mic Test One-Two-Three

One of my classmates in class suggested that I use Skype so we can have meetings online utilizing voice instead of chat. I told them about the newer version of Yahoo but sometimes people's voices get distorted depending on connection I guess. My little sis even told me that I sounded like a chipmunk on one occassion, and the pitch was very high and speed was fast. Anyway, I went to Best Buys to purchase a headset since I didn't have one, not even a microphone (not that I had any use to it although I did have a mic and headset long time ago). So I finally bought a Logitech headset with a microphone and it worked wonders. I downloaded Skype which uses VoIP technology and the sound was amazingly clear to me. Even at work, we have VoIP tools but I never really used it. Anyway, I already added some classmates, and chatted with one colleague who was in Saint Louis. Skype is very cool!

We also went to Fry's with the intention to buy a home theater system with speakers. But we bought something else, the tower electric fan I've been wanting for a long time (coz the color to me was attractive - a mixture of silver and titanium). Most of the other fans I've seen are white, unattractive, and looks so "plasticky" for lack of a better term, hehehe. Anyway, they finally had it in stock. For a while, I was visiting Fry's a lot just to get the fan but to no avail since they always sold out. So I just gave up. And in true Murphy's law fashion, just when I wasn't really shopping for it, they had tos of stock! I was happy. When we got home, Al made it function and we also found out that it had an LCD screen too and is also an ionizer with a remote. That really made my day!


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