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Saturday, August 13, 2005

More Family Visits

My younger bro and family finally visits our small home. It's their first time at our place and I'm glad they loved it. Anyway, we all went to the SJ Flea Merket and Santana Row. They wanted to check out furnitures and other house items/accessories. I'm glad were done with ours. That was main purpose anyway, fix up the place really quick with as little budget as possible, so we can just chill and relax. At night, we had dinner at Cheesecake Factory to celebrate my bro's birthday in advance. I was particularly happy to see Camilla, who said hi to me instantly. I was especially surprised to hear Camilla say so many words already. She is such a happy baby, excited to go shopping. She loves to walk around a lot, and pick up stuff from the floor, haha! Anyway, after dinner, we walked around Oakridge mall while my bro bought a nice wall clock at Bombay which was on sale (it's still expensive to me though, not something I would buy for myself, hehe). When we got home, I stayed up until 4 am to finish up on my group project for school. Phew!

UPDATE - Got some good feedback regarding our group project. My groupmate Newton really did a good job on our presentation. I'm glad that's over but more to go. At least I have two more weeks before my class ends. How time flies!


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