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Saturday, August 06, 2005

A Night at the iLibrary

Don't laugh but I thought it would be a good idea if Al checked out the iLibaray at Ichiban in SSF since he's never been there. I also wanted him to enjoy the night and laugh his heart out (and maybe hope for some public humiliation by the hosts, hehe). For those who are not familiar with the place, iLibrary is a Filipino joint where you can eat good food, drink, and watch stand-up comics (who are usually bastos but hilarious) humiliate themselves and the audience. Sometimes, they would bring up people on stage and tease them, therefore making their act even funnier! The place was packed too. Anyway, Al drank some beers, ate heartily, and laughed out loud! Our waiter was so nice and the food was good! Next week, popular comic personalitites such as Nanette Inventor, Jon Santos, and Leo Martinez are gonna have a gig there. Al definitely wants to go back.


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