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Monday, August 08, 2005

Super Size No More

Al and I finally saw Super Size Me on Showtime, the documentary film about McDonald's and fast food chains. This guy was supposed to eat nothing but McDonald's for 30 days. He gained weight, had health problems, and got depressed. What caught my attention was the chicken nuggets commentary and analogy to a McFrankenstein. Ugh! I guess that's the last time I'll be eating chicken nuggets. And we'll try to stop our fast food intake as well. Maybe I'll have some In and Out fries once in a while, hehehe.

Al kept buggin' me the past days to see Broken Flowers in the theaters. But now that we have dish, I don't hear him mention that anymore. Go figure.

In good news, the shuttle has finally landed...

UPDATE - Okay, I was wrong. He's still buggin' me about Broken Flowers. We just watched the film Coffee and Cigarettes and he mentioned that Jim Jarmusch directed both films. Now I'm more curious to see it.


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