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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Where's the Music?

Okay, so I'm still shocked that people are still watching the 2005 MTV Video Music Awards. MTV totally lost its coolness factor. As usual, this year's awards is totally disappointing, although I must admit that this year was better than last year. But why Miami again? Geez. I'm getting sick of the artists that they nominate. It would've been okay, except it's obvious that they don't know about music. I was just glad that at least Coldplay and The Killers had their performances on stage. And John Legend had nominations as well. And the Gorillaz won. But who's the fu**** band that won over The Bravery? That was just hilarious and a big joke! And over so many bands and artists out there right now, Beck was nominated? I didn't even know he had another album. Psyche! I'm getting sick of the irresponsibility of MTV in portraying negative images for kids to watch. I'm glad that they have much diversity since I'm a strong advocate of minority representation in the media. But must it be via a gangsta image with people cussing all the time? The truth is, I didn't see much of breakthrough videos and quality artists like MTV used to have, thats why they were unique and edgy. Now its just another commercialized show. Go figure. The power of mo' money...

Other nasty highlights - Kelly Clarkson sings a pop song ala rock style, Hilary Duff name drops Morrissey and then adds Rancid while showing off her beau, R. Kelly ('nuf said), Shakira, Mariah Carey concentrating on her pose instead of her singing, Chris Martin with a hole on his shirt's armpit area, cameras were focusing on the same people all the time, Kelly Clarkson goes blonde and performs barefoot, Green Day wins a lot of awards, some artists wear animal-printed gowns, and Eva Langoria was wearing a bathing suit.


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