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Friday, September 23, 2005

The AsiaSF Experience

Last night, we planned to go to the stellastarr* concert at Popscene, but since it was still early, Al, my half-sibs, and I went to dinner at AsiaSF on Ninth and Howard. After hearing so many things about the place, and reading some articles, I was compelled to check it out (especially when I watched this video of SF mayor Newsom highly recopmmending the place to tourists and calls it a representation of the city's diversity). Anyway, Al had table reservations so as soon as we got in, I was stunned at how small the place was (I had expected a bigger place from images I see of the restaurant). The food was just delicious! We almost tried everything, from their truffled soba noodles with portabella mushrooms, crabcakes, salmon and black rice, orange lamb, quesadillas, tamarind chicken satays, fried seafood appetizers, to an array of desserts (are my eyes deceiving me or do they actually have turon?) which is my favorite course of the night. It was definitely a fun environment, with trans entertainers extraordinaire! They are all lovely ladies, and very sexy ones too, that if they didn't speak to us, we wouldn't have known the difference (already, Nat is plotting to bring my younger bro Anthony on his birthday, hehe). There was a crowd favorite who was flirting with one of the Maitre D's, and Nat and Charlene didn't miss the opportunity to get a picture with her. Since we watched all the shows, we stayed until 11 pm, missing out on the originally planned concert with stelastarr*, Tom Vek and DJ spins from Bloc Party. Oh well.


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