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Friday, September 16, 2005

A Customizable Friendster

Whoa! I never thought this day would happen, but if you are making a visit to Friendster-land, notice how they relaunched a new feature - customizable profiles! And of course, I did my tweaks (after searching and diving into Friendster's own css code file and making my changes), and added a little something - a background music of Target's soundtrack, Say Something New by The Concretes. A side comment regarding music - I guess the sad truth of Indie snubs and how they value music, plus their culture and joy of finding rare music in independent record shop's bargain bins (imagine the movie High Fidelity) are slowly disappearing in the face of iPod technology, and so-called indie music is now presented in rather an odd trend and slur of car and retail commercials.

Going back to Friendster, since the migration of people to myspace (and similar networking sites such as orkut and hi5), Friendster has been trying to emulate the other site's features in order to draw back their former customers. But they did so hesitantly at first. Whatever influenced the implementation of customization with the Friendster pages, I'm sure a lot of kiddies would be happy about that. We still have to see reactions to it, but so far I'm liking it. A word to Friendsters - please don't go overboard and mouse-happy by uploading too many files, such as embedded auto-playing streaming videos, because it can get really annoying. I think one is enough, don't you think so?


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