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Saturday, September 03, 2005

Early Morning Critter

As I start my morning by looking outside the bedroom window on this lovely day, I was amused to see this wonderful sight -

Anyway, I'm glad it's a three-day weekend since this is a much needed break for me. I've been so busy with integration projects at work plus creating some mock-ups that this weekend was timely with Al's vacation as well. Today, we drove to San Francisco's Japantown on a quest to look for shoji lamps for our bedroom. I tried to look for one on Craigslist and other stores in SJ but to no avail. Anyway, after a nice walk around the Japantown malls, watching an outdoor variety show by Japanese and Hawaiian participants, and eating some good 'ol ice cream while strolling by stores, I was almost gonna give up on the search. And we were so close since we saw some lamps in small boutique stores, but they were not the exact design and color I wanted, and were mostly in the $40+ range which I think is ridiculous. So Al and I decided to walk some more outside the Japanese mall. We saw a hardware shop which Al suggested to check out, and I laughed at him because I didn't understand what he wanted to do at a hardware store. So as we walked towards it, I could already see bamboo material on the glass displays. I became immediately ecstatic, as I peeped through the open door. I was happy to see a variety of hanging rice paper lamps (which by the way exists as a decor in our bedroom) but Al was insistent that we check the back of the store. Alas, we found what we were looking for - brown shoji lamps with different sizes and styles (in the $20 range), plus other cool stuff. I started liking the place and ended up buying four dark brown bamboo placemats and a pair of shoji lamps. That really made my day!

After the tiring search, Al got hungry and suggested that we eat by Clement at this Thai restaurant that his co-worker recommended. He even had a coupon for a free appetizer which we used, of course. The food was good, and we even had fried ice cream for dessert (how can I not get that)... We wanted to go to the Legion of Honour which was just a block away but decided to head home and spend more quality time with each other. On the way, we passed by Ikea since they had a new fall collection (but most of their stuff are still old), and we ended up buying a long sisal rug for $20 that I wanted for our bedroom. Sometimes, I hate spending but those were really good deals. Besides, I love bargain shopping with Al.


Blogger Sophia said...

cutest squirrel in the WORLD!

8:25 PM

Blogger Indie Cindy said...

yeah, isn't he/she/it just adorable?

8:56 AM


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