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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Fall Classes Start Again

For four days now, I have been in school (at least online). I can't believe I made it this far, and I'm still very anxious of what to expect in this class. The first two classes were theory-intensive and very hectic, and this class seems to focus on technology and is more creative, I think. It does look promising, and already, I am planning on my next endeavor after this program is over (if it will ever be over). So far, my previous classes were excellent (of course, having gotten excellent grades as well, hehe)! I was even asked to be a TA (teacher assistant) for one of the professors.

Speaking of seasons, it was temporarily winter on Fillmore Street in SF when Olympic medalist Johnny Mosley and others concocted an event that involved skiing and snowboarding on the hills of San Francisco with scenic views. I was originally going to watch it live on KTVU's website since I was at work, but as usual, I forgot since I was too busy. Anyway, workers were planting snow on the hilly streets for the event. Some residents were concerned because of the noise and crowd. Businesses were happy because it drew people in their mom and pop shops. Overall, the event was a success and there was a huge turnout, while kids enjoyed the shows and played in the after-show snow, and I wish I was there to witness it.


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