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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Fall Music Schedule

I can't believe I haven't posted anything regarding indie music for the longest time which is the whole persona of this blog. I also apologize for not updating my playlist as well, but I will shortly. Anyway, I haven't kept up with the latest music news since I was extremely busy for the past months fixing up our new place, taking care of work, going to school, and didn't have access to cable for a short while. In a way, I lost touch for a moment, but I'm baaack! Well, sort of. I'm not totally lost as of yet though. I think one of the main reasons was also the absense of better bands out there (and concerts) except for Maximo Park. But now I'm rejuvinated with the new release of Death Cab's Plans (the CD's out now so buy your copy now, or you can always download from iTunes) and an upcoming tour (I had the opportunity for a pre-sale, but I didn't have money then so by the time I had it, the tix were already sold out). Anyway, fall is an exciting time for upcoming concerts in the bay area. Check out the sked below -

Dates BandVenueComments
9/7The PosiesSlim'sOld band
9/10GarbageWarfieldI like the singer
9/11Oasis, Jet and KasabianShorelineWe saw Oasis in the mid-90's @ Bill Graham and Kasabian @ Slim's, March 2005
9/11DecemberistsFillmoreSweet Annabel...
9/12Black Rebel Motorcycle Club with Mark Gardener (ex-Ride)Great American Music Hall I *heart* Ride
9/15Interpol SJ Civic We saw them at The Fillmore in 2003
9/15The Bravery with Maximo ParkFillmore We saw The Bravery @ Amoeba, March 2005 and GAMH, May 2005 - last concert we seen, we missed Maximo Park few months ago @ Popscene
9/15Interpol, The Bravery and Maximo Park after partyPopsceneSounds like a cool party
9/18Arcade Fire WarfieldWe missed them so many times when they were here last year and this year. It sucks how their venue is getting bigger, but I hope not to miss them this time
9/21-22Bloc PartyWarfieldWe saw them @ Bottom of the Hill, March 2005, memorable because my car broken into and the culprit stole everything!
9/22stellastarr*PopsceneI missed them a couple of times as well and won't want to miss this
9/23stellastarr*The Independent If I don't make it Popscene, maybe here? I haven't gone to this venue yet
9/24Green Day with Jimmy Eat WorldSBC Park Saw Green Day at BF in the mid-90's @ Shoreline and they weren't that famous yet (they played earlier during the day) - memorable coz Billy Joe showed his *thingy* while I was watching via binoculars and it was just hanging there, haha!
9/25Billy IdolSomewhereSorry I still need to find out the venue but it's for the Alice Now and Zen Fest
9/27AthleteSlim'sNice old band
9/30Nine Inch Nails and Queens of the Stone AgeOakland Arena I used to like NIN and Trent Reznor
10/4IdlewildSlim'sWe saw them in 2001 at Slim's
10/6Franz FerdinandBill Graham Civic AuditoriumWe saw them @ SF Concourse Exhibition Center, Sept 2004
10/7The ProclaimersSlim'sPost-Modern Rock Band
10/8Mars Volta and System of a DownOakland ArenaI'm curious to see Mars Volta
10/8DevoParamount TheaterPost-Modern Rock Band
10/8Download Festival with The Killers, Arcade Fire, British Sea Power, Doves, Nine Black Alps, The LovemakersShoreline AmpitheaterWe saw some of the bands like BSP @ BOTH and Doves @ GAMH years ago but this is a concert I wouldn't want to miss
10/12LCD SoundsystemThe FillmoreFunny hi-tech name, I wonder how they decided on this?
10/28Foo Fighters, Weezer, Hot Hot HeatOakland ArenaI always wanted to see Weezer, and I've missed Hot Hot Heat a couple of times but I don't really care
11/3MetricGreat American Music HallCool band
11/8Henry RollinsPalace of Fine ArtsI saw him @ BFD @ Shoreline in the 90's
11/8-9U2Oakland ArenaMarketing and commercialization babies. Go figure! But they're still cool on my book...
11/13Death Cab For CutieThe WarfieldThe Ultimate Concert I want to see! I missed them so many times already...

There will also be free shows at Amoeba Records in haight on September 12 - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, and September 15 - Maximo Park. Exciting!


Anonymous Momo said...

I want to see Weezer, the Killers, Nine Inch (wow, 9 is pretty big)...LOL...All the bands are cool...Wow, DEVO...U2 would be nice....Let's just go to all the concerts!

11:33 PM

Anonymous Momo said...

Out of curiosity, how big was Billy's thingy through the binoculars?, I missed out on an eyeful huh!!! BASTOS...

11:37 PM

Blogger Indie Cindy said...

Do you wanna go to the Download Fest? I wanted to go there, am just waiting for my paycheck so I can buy tix. =P

8:59 AM


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