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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Free Maximo Park

I finally get to see them, at least for free. Al and I went to Amoeba after work to check out Maximo Park, a band I didn't see when they were here few months ago at Popscene. Too bad I forgot my CD at home so I could have them sign it. They were promoting their new album, A Certain Trigger, and will have a concert tonight at the Fillmore, I believe. I wish I went to Fillmore but we had to drive back to SJ and go to work the next day. We also saw an old friend shopping for CDs, but I didn't think he saw us. Since we were there, I bought the Arcade Fire album, Funeral, which we listened to on the way back. The CD was good. After the gig, we just ate dinner at this nice Thai restaurant on Haight Street which we liked. It was a nice way to end a hectic day at work (my busiest day so far since we're all gearing up for this huge conference in SF this weekend). On other news, Al mentioned that Death Cab for Cutie's new album is top 4 in the Billboard charts. Whoa! Who would have thought? Anyway, check out the blurry Maximo Park pics below -

Maximo Park lead singer on Amoeba stage.

A closer shot of Maximo Park's lead singer.


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