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Saturday, September 17, 2005

I'm Boggled. Are You?

Al found out that he was off this Saturday - and he found out just the day before! Woohoo! So as usual, we planned a last minute trip to make the most of our time together. Since we were closer now to Santa Cruz, we thought of making a trip to the famous Mystery Spot (I think there are 50 similar spots nationwide), which is off the Scotts Valley Drive exit on Highway 17. A very cool trip, different from our usual scenic route of Highway 1. Anyway, as we drove up the mountain and down the rugged, narrow and winding slopes, we weren't sure if we were on the right track since it was very isolated, although the drive was an adventure on its own. We passed by creeks and trees, and the place seemed nestled in the middle of a forest. We almost felt like on a rugged terrain on Granite Creek (with roads, haha), and good 'ol Rover was perfect for the trip. We finally found our destination (after seeing certain street names, we knew we were on the right track).

Entrance was just minimal, a mere $5 bucks. We had a tour guide (dressed like a deputy) who explained the oddities to us, such as magnetic forces and gravitational pulls, optical illusions, university and scientific research, and military interest in the concept of laser-light refraction. He takes volunteers (or as Al says, he 'volun-tells' people coz they don't really volunteer) to show as examples. And why am I picked on twice while Al doesn't get called on at all? First by the entrance parallel steps, and then in the cabin to hang on bars above the center door. Too bad we didn't get to bring our video cam but we will definitely be back since a friend wanted to go as well. Another mind-boggling fact was the avoidance of animals within the center of the so-called 'spot' and trees growing in an unusual 'L' shape around the area. Interesting. First thought in my mind was the truthness (or hoaxness) of the place, and I suddenly thought of the Bermuda Triangle, and maybe these similar forces have something to do with its mystery. Or maybe I'm just insane, hehe. Al was having a blast 'playing' while I was dizzily clutching on the rails and sliding on the sanded floors while wearing my flip flops. But I was amazed at how a 6 footer can be as tall as a 5'3 person on level ground. But I do wish I can fly on air which I was hoping for in the cabin (unfortunately, that's not what the place is about, although I guess I'll have to ride a plane that'll make a sharp nose-dive for that).

After the short visit, Al and I went to downtown Santa Cruz and ate at a Chinese buffet which was advertised on the Spot as being voted among the best. It wasn't really, but at least we had a good conversation about the mystery, trying to decipher like wanna be scientists and engineers on whether or not it's a hoax, or that maybe a huge magnetic contraption was planted maybe under the ground or around the area, or maybe it's just the structure of the place and applied physics and geometry, or how the structure plays with people's vision and delivers an optical illusion. Whatever the reasoning and logic (or mystery) behind it, we walked the nice downtown streets anyway on sunny but breezy weather, and forgot about the whole thing while looking through used CD's at Streetlights. Yes, folks, I was amazed at their existence in SC. Then again, the SC culture is cool anyway (must be influenced by UC students and beach-side living). We made a short visit to the Boardwalk to view the beach, and then headed home to watch Broken Flowers at the Pruneyard.

I'm glad that despite the yuppified environment of SJ (sorry folks, I'm used to the beat and indie cultures of SF), at least the people watching the movie were, I can say, cultured. Our Spot trip perfectly ties in with the movie since it's all about playing with people's minds... There were funny moments and characters in the movie. The story almost seemed familiar to me, and Bill Murray was just funny sarcastic. It was a good watch I must say. Anyway, check out some pics we took during our small road trip -


Al by the entrance and standing/leaning on the cabin wall.


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