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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Open World Keynote

I am still a bit sick (still weezing and sometimes dizzy) but better than the past few days. I finally went back to work and one of the things I did today was to watch the keynote speech by CEO Larry Ellison. Unfortunately, I didn't go to Open World (maybe I should've checked it out the past weekend) but I am now watching it live via web feed on the site. Only thing is, I had to borrow headphones from my co-worker - thanks so much Arlene! It's interesting how Ellison talked about open source and linux, grid, service-oriented architecture, acquisitions, VoIP, global services, and business intelligence. But I think he was happy to get a question about sailing, hehe.

Anyway, he did make it in number 5 slot on the Forbes 400 list. And of course, Bill Gates is still number one, while Walmart execs (as usual) still occupy most of the top spots. Below are some of the Bay Area's richest (according to Forbes) -

RankNameWorth (B) CA ResidenceSource
5Ellison, Lawrence Joseph17AthertonOracle
16Brin, Sergey11San FranciscoGoogle
Page, Larry11San FranciscoGoogle
44Moore, Gordon4.6WoodsideIntel
52Schmidt, Eric4AthertonGoogle
58Schwab, Charles R3.8AthertonCharles Schwab & Co.
59Johnson, Charles3.8San MateoFranklin Resources
61Lucas, George3.5San AnselmoLucasArts
Jobs, Steve3.3Palo AltoApple Computer, Pixar
72Johnson, Rupert Jr.3.1San MateoFranklin Resources

Also, I checked out my grades from last semester. It came out few days ago and I forgot to check online. Anyway, I am happy, happy, joy, joy - a 4.0 GPA so far.


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