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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

The Weekend SF Tour

So, I spent the last weekend trying to drive my auntie and her friend around the city. San Francisco is a wonderful city, and it is so wonderful that they call it a "romantic city" and I don't blame them. Aside form being surrounded by the bay waters, the environment is just relaxing and you will feel as if you are always on vacation. We went to the usual spots and then some. Ate lunch at a newly renovated Toppings, hehe, and also got our clam chowder on sourdough at Boudin by Ghirardelli Square (plus an ice cream dessert at Ghirardelli). I missed that place. My aunt's friend pretty much enjoyed the city and took tons of pictures. And what's a vacation without a visit to the iLibrary? Surprisingly enough, one of the hosts knew both of them from the gala they attended for the Royal Club (the main reason for their SF visit anyway). And of course, they were treated like guests of honors coming from the OC, hahaha.

On another note, check out a redesign I did for a site. Also, if you noticed on my right sidebar, I added a couple of features - a new drop down for my archives pages (although 2003 will be forbidden pages and are only accessible by me), and a new search tool so you can have the ability to look for keywords and past entries in my blog (care of Google). My radio blog is also now embedded (versus being a pop-up) so that it's more viewable and not bocked by pop-up blockers.


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