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Sunday, October 30, 2005

An Amazing Podcast Find

Since we are in the topic of podcasting, and while I was surfing the blogosphere, I came across this podcast site. The creator of the site is a Filipino Catholic priest podcasting from Rome. And he's a blogger too, writing about information of spreading God's word. I thought this was an amazing find since I never really thought that a priest could podcast so professionally, and be a geek at the same time. He did develop his blog using WordPress, uses Flash for his podcasts, and created his own graphics. Really amazing in my opinion. He is one very cool priest, I must say. Check out and listen to this promo he has for his podcast. Just don't mind the accent, hehe.


Blogger Michael Kreidler said...

I am glad you tripped upon Fr. Cuyos' podcast. I have long been a fan. He belongs to our organization Disciples with Microphones. I wrote him recently about when he was going to start posting his podcasts again. I was happy to hear that he is in production on a new one that should be out shortly.

Michael Kreidler
DwM Blog

8:06 PM


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