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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Dine For America

If you guys are planning to eat out tonight (or even if you're not planning), consider going to the restaurants in this site and feel good about it.

UPDATE - Al and I decided to eat out tonight in support of this effort. We chose Olive Garden since they were willing to give 100% of proceeds. Sure enough, the place was packed and as we waited for our table, we chowed down on some free appetizers (such as fried zucchini and fried mozzerela cheese - the later was really good). They were also serving free wine (so I had a glass of white zinfandel, a glass of red wine, and a small portion of an inhouse wine called Rosato which was really good). So you can imagine me having a little buzz, haha.

Anyway, after dinner, I walked a little and then I had a massive asthma attack. It was so severe that I could not catch my breath and my chest was super tight that I thought I wouldn't make it home (since I left my albuterol at home, stupid me). Al rushed me to the hospital's emergency and they gave me treatments as usual. Got home at around past 12 midnight.


Blogger Sophia said...

AHHH are u okaii? y didnt u tell me on the fone last time? thats scary! im so glad i dnt hav asthma...

by the way i LOVE what u did to ur blog :D looks so much better lol. not like it looked bad b4! the remodeling looks awesome!

8:22 PM

Blogger Indie Cindy said...

I'm glad you like the added blog features. I guess I was bored, hehe. Thanks!

9:27 PM


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