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Saturday, October 08, 2005

Download Fest Highlights

So, today was the day to see Download Fest at Shoreline Ampitheater in Mountain View. Al, myself, and Mo decided to meet at Goldilocks on Rengstorf to eat a quick lunch before heading to the concert. Overall, it was a fun event, with lots of worthy-to-watch bands, freebies, DJ tents, game tunnels, etc. As soon as we got in, we got a free photo from (clever marketing strategy for this site). We walked around and looked at t-shirts for sale. Of course, Al wanted the British Sea Power shirt and he bought me a Killers shirt. Got a nice mousepad that could be handy someday. I was amused to see a huge myspace tent with DJ's spinning cool indie music (no surprise to me since the site supports a lot of indie music). Anyway, we missed the performances on their mini-stage (nothing interesting to me except I missed The Lovemakers and Every Move a Picture). So we walked around and hung out on our lawn seats. We got a good front spot, so when British Sea Power played, one of the band members, Eamon, climbed all the way to the lawn area, pounding on his snare drum. By the way, that's what I noticed with a lot of the bands, a lot of individual snare drum playing. Anyway, before Eamon climbed up, Al called him towards his direction and let him touch the drumstick, haha. They met previously at two other gigs at Bottom of the Hill and shared some smokes.

Next on the line-up was Doves who played a good set since they sang most of their good songs, except for Satellites which I wanted to hear that day. Up next was the much-awaited Arcade Fire, the main reason why we went to the concert. They were good, although you know what they say about outdoor gigs, it takes much away from good sound acoustics. They are truly energetic, I must say. Then a marching band came on followed by a DJ set which kinda killed the momentum of the crowd after Arcade Fire. So I took a moment to go to the restroom. I walked all the way up the steep lawn, around the back and down some stairs, before realizing I was having another mild asthma attack. And don't forget that I was just in the emergency room two days ago. That really bummed me out, because I didn't want to go through the lawn again and have another episode. After going to the restroom and inhaling my albuterol, I quickly inquired at an information booth for a pass to go through certain entrance points closed to the public, but open to people with health problems. They directed me to a GSR who told me to call my friend and husband were still in the lawn area, worried of what had happened to me. They then directed us to special seats which I unexpected, had a little chat with the GSR who I had a lot in common with, and watched the remaining of the show at a closer and more convenient distance. But the biggest highlight of the night was what I call 'the flying cushions.' Earlier during the day, a sponsor was giving out cushions for convenient lawn seating. While The Killers were on stage, people were tossing their cushions back and forth, from the lawn area, to the reserved seating area, and vice versa. In a way, it created a spectacular view of something I haven't seen before, and it was literally raining cushions. Even Brandon Flowers tried to toss a few cushions himself to the audience (cushions that managed to reach the stage). We got our share of the cushions, and added to what we had already with the intention of using it during Fleet Week in SF tomorrow. Anyway, check out our download fest pics below -

Mo by the lawn while we wait for the bands.

Eamon of BSP on the lawn area with his snare.

Al and I waiting for the main stage performers.


Blogger Sophia said...

that looked fun! mo looks a lot like u haha.. long lost twin!

8:17 PM

Blogger Indie Cindy said...

i wish you were there. even though we bought lawn tix, because of my condition that day, we actually got good seats! well worth it!

9:29 PM

Anonymous Momo said...

What can I say Cin, we do look alike with our glasses! ;) I had a good time especially when Arcade Fire and The Killers played!!! The freebies were nice too! But it was awesome to see all those cushions flying around. I don't think we'll ever see a sight like that again! Too bad we can't see Weezer! Maybe next time!

9:25 PM

Blogger Indie Cindy said...

Yeah too bad...we'll watch Weezer next time...hey let's go shopping!

10:42 AM


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