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Friday, October 14, 2005

Happy Anniversary To Me

It is on exactly this day in 2003 that I first opened my blogger account and started blogging away. Not sure what my reasons were then but I know it had something to do with "therapy" I think, hehe. Just kidding. You won't see my entries then since I have changed permissions for myself to view, but so far, I have written down my thoughts on the computer and published it on the web (yes, this day I said goodbye to any written journals I had and stored it away in boxes and shelves). It was exciting to look at my life then (two years ago) and my life now. Not that much changed about me, but more changed in my life and the people around me. I can see how I became much, much happier now, and I am hoping things to be like this forever (or better). And a lot of experiences I will never forget (thanks to blogging). Some experiences have been life-changing, others moments were good to remember. I made my stat count and thank you so much to those who anonymously or vocally patronized my blog (whether I know you or not). From January 14, 2005 of this year until September, I have gotten 14,000+ hits (and that excludes the past years and this month of October). Not bad for a not-so-public-and-sorta-hidden blog. So let's move forward...


Blogger Sophia said...

congrats! (sry im leaving comments on old stuf i havent been on ur blog a little while) did i tell u that i'm going to become goth for halloween?

6:11 PM


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