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Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween 2005!

I almost forgot my halloween greeting to you guys. As usual, it's been hectic at work, but despite the monday blues, it seemed a bit darker than usual since all the lights were out. I guess that's people's idea of a spooky office halloween, hehehe. Anyway, it was also festive since the creative department is just next to us and they have decorated their cubes so nicely that kids would be in awe. Around three o'clock, parents have brought in their kids to go trick or treat hopping in people's cubes. I knew I should've brought some candy with me. Bummer.

After work, Al picked me up so we can go to Castro. We ate a quick dinner at Thai Noodle since we were hungry, then proceeded to Castro. But before that, we passed by Mission Street which was buzzing with people left and right (and kids too). Then we passed by Valencia in SF and you can see partying everywhere. Then we passed by the Haight and again, people in costumes were just hanging outside, smokin' and drinkin'. Finally we reached Castro, and saw an array of costumes (some very interesting and unique, others sooo funny such as a plain balikbayan box). But even when we drove through the back streets and avoided much traffic, we couldn't find parking (as usual). So we just checked out the crowd and turned around. By the way, we usually go to the celebrations at Civic Center in San Francisco but I guess they don't hold halloween celebrations there anymore.

On a side note, my first class in the Fall semester just ended last Friday but another one just started today! And I thought I would have at least a longer break than that but I guess not. Anyway, happy halloween everyone!


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