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Saturday, October 15, 2005

The Homecoming Dinner

So, we planned to go to Vallejo for Anthony's homecoming dinner. Al waited for me after work for two hours (yikes, I didn't know) by the lake near my work. I just found out when I got a note on my car's windshield. He didn't have a cell (we had it disconnected few months ago since we thought it wasn't necessary, but after today, we just reconnected it again). So we headed to Vallejo, but much to our dismay, the traffic was just terrible on 80 (we kinda predicted it). As soon as we made our exit, we got lost. I usually go to my dad's all the time, but this time, the freeway entrances and exits were new and unfamiliar to us. We drove around the downtown area, kinda scared since it was night time in foreign, scary streets. I was getting hungry, and we still couldn't find my dad's place. Finally, we saw a familiar plaza, then a familiar street, and then finally dad's house! But we were so late that they left already. Sadly, I didn't have my cell on me as well (I left it at home), so I couldn't call anybody. Gosh, I feel so guilty for missing Anthony's homecoming. He just came from being stationed a year in Kuwait. We just bought dinner around the area and headed home. Bummer. I called them afterwards as soon as we got home. I'm glad he's back safe and sound though...


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