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Monday, October 24, 2005

Surviving my Fourth Week

I can't believe I didn't blog for a week! It got too busy at work since I was covering for a co-worker who went on vacation, and at the same time I was trying to finish up a major project at school. I didn't blog 'coz my project was also a blog, hahaha! One more week and I'm done with my class. I can't wait! But it's all hard work and sometimes giving up is the best option. I always have to motivate myself into getting my school work done. I almost didn't make it to my deadline for my project last night since I am trying to make it perfect! Anyway, after sleeping around 4am this morning (plus I had to wake up and make it around 9:30am at work), I just felt like crashing. Staying awake at work was difficult. Driving home was the scariest part though. But after seeing what I accomplished, I was very, very satisfied with the results. Phew! All in a day's work!

The worse is not over yet though...I have to begin my final project now. Good thing I'm going on vacation soon and am getting anxious just to relax and enjoy the world around me. It seems that everybody has been going on vacation at work since holiday season is just around the corner. So now its my turn, but only for a few days though. Al and I have been counting down for the past weeks now. And we also made our family contacts and went shopping as well to get ready for the vacation. Good thing my boss gave me an okay and I did tell him a month before (and Al's too) but I might ask for a day's extension. We went shopping at Valley Fair and we ended up buying stuff at Westgate in Saratoga Ave. We did check out stuff at the Mac store and was amused with the new video iPod. I must get one soon (note to myslef - add on wishlist). And guess who's video they were showing on the new iPods? Ya guessed it, they're fave band U2 (probably Steve Job's fave). At night, I was able to talk to Lola over the phone. She can hear me without her hearing aid. Hooorah! I miss my grandma so much! Also, I just got an email from my friend Dong who's "gallavanting" somewhere in Paris...

By the way, I saw Desperate H last Sunday while I was working on my project and I had to do double takes. Did they really make Felicity Huffman dance like a Coyote Ugly girl? Ooh, now they're making her sexy. I'm sure William H. Macy must be happy, happy, joy, joy.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shirt and sweater, I really like it. I love you.

4:16 PM

Blogger Indie Cindy said...

Hahaha, I know you're getting too excited. Please stop singing Pearly shells now... pretty pleeeez?!?!

7:40 AM


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