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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

A Need to Blog Today

After vacation, I had to catch up with school and work, and had to edit our vacation video which is done finally! I added animated text, effects, and some Hawaiian music that made it nicer, although not close to being professional (although it was my attempt to edit some footage which is interesting). I think I would want to explore the area of digital film as well since it really sparked my interest. I wish I had all the time in the world though.

While we had our Thanksgiving potluck at work, a major and interesting thing happened today which I won't disclose, but it also affects my job, but not necessarily in a bad way, and am still not sure if it's a good thing as well, although it sounds like a good thing. Anyway, while I'm still soaking things in (and contemplating on my uncertainty), Al suggested that we have a night out watching Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire since he's off tomorrow anyway. I wasn't sure if it was a right move since the movie as a bit darker than the rest of the HP movies, and it didn't really end in a good note, although I was amused at seeing the kids all grown up and interested in the opposite sex. Charming.

Anyway, last Saturday, we went for a despedida barbeque at Jep's place and pretty much ate and ran. Ab's dad was going back to the Philippines after his band toured the US (yeah, he's the drummer and musical director for APO). Sunday, I went shopping with Mo and Der at Great Mall and found my shoe! *drooling* I'll go back to buy 'em. We had lunch at D&B and dinner at King Buffet. Also, while walking around, the Christmas bug hit me! Everywhere you go, it's Christmas already. So earlier today, I bought my Xmas cards to send out to family and friends. The only question is, when will I ever have the time to write on all those cards?


Anonymous Momo said...

Sorry for being drowsy and out of it! No more Benadryl while I'm out with you (and driving!) Hey, I wanted to watch Hairy Twatter!LOL...couldn't help myself! So are you coming over to Cesar's house for Thanksgiving? You better not flake! ;)

Just me,


10:08 PM


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