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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Post-Thanksgiving Activities

Okay, what sums up post-thanksgiving? One word - shopping. Al and I went shopping at Valley Fair and Great Mall and started our Christmas shopping since family is visiting and it's party time! Lines were extremely long so I didn't even know why we went in the first place (although I must say, the deals were great)! Anyway, here's a recap of events over the past days -

We had Thanksgiving at Jep's since we didn't get to go Washington anymore. We brought them some holiday flowers, spinach dip and bread, some cider, and chocolate dessert. Good thing my half-sibs and dad were able to make it and it was my first time to see Anthony back! We took pics, ate our dinner, and watch a documentary called My Date with Drew Barrymore which was entertaining and hilarious! On AMA news, did you guys see Lindsay Lohan's performance? Gosh, I have one word for that - live lip-synching, hehe. Okay, she was singing live but it seems that her back-up vocals did most of the work. Also, Al has been spending a lot of time on MySpace since his family is there. Check out our Thanksgiving family pic below -

Thanksgiving with dad and sibs at Jep's house.


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