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Sunday, November 06, 2005

The Week of Breakdowns

Oki, not that kind of breakdown, but literally mechanical breakdowns. I dunno what's happening this week but it's been weird. First, I called my cell's insurance since my cellphone's frame got damaged and the flip wasn't working properly so they shipped a new one last Wednesday. It's a hassle because I had to transfer all my info again (thank God for bluetooth). What I forgot to transfer though was the images and pictures in my phone before I deleted everything and before I shipped my old phone back to them. Aside from shipping the phone back, I also had to mail a $200 utility bill (not connected with the cellphone) and I forgot to put the stamp right after I dropped it in the mailbox. Doh!

Anyhoo, if that wasn't enough, my car broke down. Remember my baby blue Honda? I haven't driven it for a while (since I got traumatized by that car due to a recent accident), but Al got stuck at work when it wouldn't start. They had to replace a couple of things - an ignition coil, battery, and oil. Therefore, I had to spend some money. So for a couple of days while we had it repaired, he used our old reliable van. When he drove home from work one day and parked at home, I noticed that the left side of the bumper was missing. Whadda?!? And he didn't even hear anything. Oh well...

To top it all off, by Saturday, I had logged online for my class when all of a sudden, my connection got slower, my screen started to flicker, and then just went blank. I had to bring it to the shop to have my laptop fixed. Hope my data and software doesn't get lost. So right now I'm in the library using the computer just to catch up with school discussions. It'll take about at least 2-3 weeks before I get my laptop back (and you would think they would have loaners). Bummer. Anyhoo, I'm contemplating on buying a new one anyway.


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