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Friday, November 18, 2005

Yikes! I Almost Ate A Frog!

Last night, Al didn't get to cook dinner and I was too tired to cook so I suggested that we eat out instead. Al always wanted to try this buffet restaurant near our place called King Buffet. So we finally checked it out. We were really hungry, so as soon as they gave us our seats, we proceeded immediately to their buffet set-up. They had an array of food such as walnut shrimp, sushi, salmon, dimsum, steamed crab, stuffed crab, and a lot more. They had many selections for soup and desserts, and for the reasonable price of $15. Not bad for a buffet dinner with unlimited drinks. Anyway, I had seconds and on my third trip, I came across what looked like either chicken or a crab leg so I grabbed one. As I was holding it with my bare hands and about to take a bite, I still kept thinking what it was. I stared at it more intently and noticed that it looked unproportioned for a chicken bone, and too flexible for crab legs. As I looked at it closer, I suddenly had a thought while Al asked me what it was. I told him I have an idea what it was but I didn't confirm it yet since stupid me didn't read the labels on the buffet table. He assumed the same and checked the label. Lo and behold it showed 'Salt and Pepper Frog Legs' and I freaked! That was a close one... But I never thought something like a frog's leg would look so good.


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