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Monday, December 26, 2005

2005 Christmas Holiday Recap

December 23 - Day Before Xmas Eve
Got some gifts and cards from work, but the best gift was letting us off early, around lunchtime. Had lunch at Tapioca Express in Millbrae with Anne, an old friend. Played a short game of tic tac toe, ate and chatted a bit. Stunned to see Filipino dishes in their menu (per Anne, the owner of the franchise there is Pinoy). Left and picked up another friend Dong. Quickly passed by another friend's house nearby to deliver some gifts. Drove to Clement for a Linen Outlet closing sale (up to 80%) and bought some stuff for home. The sale was recommended by Dong. Ate at Be My Guest (Thai restaurant) right next to the store. The restaurant had a very nice designer ambiance and I will definitely go back to bring Al to try the food there (and great service). Drove back to Dong's house after dinner to meet Al and hung out. Left to shop at Target and Walgreens for cute stuffed toy gift card holders. Window shopped at Kyun and accompanied Al to eat dinner at Manila Express (while Dong and I had some Mitchell's ice cream since we were full). Dropped off Dong and headed home.

December 24 - Christmas Eve
Did laundry and cleaned the house. Picked up pre-ordered ham and food at Goldilocks, and headed to Jeff's for our gift exchange and Noche Buena. Ate a lot and exchanged gifts. We did the White Elepahnt game at first with a $10 limit (I got cookies and throw pillow covers, while Al got See's and a GAP cap. Our contribution to the game was gift cards for Jamba Juice and Starbucks. Then, we exchanged our own gifts to each other. Al and I got matching Ralph Lauren polo shirts from Jep and Abs, GAP shirts from Uncle Boy and Auntie Tina (I love it coz it's sooo my style), chocolates from Mommy and Uncle Nick, a set of classical music CDs from ABCD (Angel, Berna, Christine and Diane) which I really loved since it had Ode to Joy, hehe, and a very nice porcelain Angel figurine from my dear younger sis Pia. Did some magic mic singing, and headed home. Sang until morning. Btw, Loren can sing! Exchanged gifts with hubby dear. Got a video iPod, woohoo! Very, very unexpected. And I gave him a Nikon D70 DSLR (he was teary-eyed, hehe, coz he's been wanting that for the longest time) and we slept around 5 am, after playing some pusoy dos (or is it russian poker, Al says). Correct me if I'm wrong.

December 25 - Christmas Day
Woke up late. Did more laundry, put aside gifts and pretty much rested (since our lunch @ Jep's with Dad and family was moved to the 26th coz Jep and family were tired and sick). A friend, Mo, visited at night, did some magic mic, ate dinner, and exchanged gifts. Then we called it a night.

December 26 - Day After Christmas
Still off from work, but lunch at Jep's with Dad and family was cancelled again coz Jep and family are still sick. So we prepared for Dad and family to go to our place instead for dinner. Again, picked up food from Goldilocks, prepared dinner, sang some magic mic, told stories, opened gifts, and ate our hearts out. We got a stainless steel countertop toaster oven from Dad! Woohoo, something I wanted for a long time! Thanks Dad and Tita Ana! Also, got a Dilbert desktop calendar from my sibs, and a nice white orchid plant from Nat. Again, things I wanted. Funny how I was looking at a Dr. Phil desk calendar the other day and I was actually thinking about buying it for myself, hehe. And the orchid, I always wanted one for the longest time! Thanks guys! Christmas was a blast! The fun parts were always the magic mic sessions, hehe. First time I heard Dad sing (over the mic). Unforgetable. Very cool! Oh, and of course, Anton's She Bangs, haha! Merry Christmas everyone!!! I hope you all enjoyed your Christmas holiday!


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