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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

An Amazon Wishlist Update

Sorry, I got bored, and was surfing to see if there are any sales on items. I didn't exactly buy something, but I did window shop for some items which I added to my wish list (I should've done this before Christmas, haha). Check it out. Oh, and please view it according to priority, hehe.

Also, as part of my new year's resolution, I signed up for my work's gym and fitness center (since I found out that I can have access to the facility and services). Can you believe, they even have spa, swimming, and Weight Watchers? Sooo cool, but I wonder when I'm really gonna motivate myself to go there everyday. Oh well.

Speaking of New Years, I also updated my radio blog on the right sidebar for your listening pleasure. I retired my old Xmas songs and replaced it with ones that I fancy this year, Death Cab's The New Year which I thought is timely for the holidays, and Mariah Carey's All I Want for Christmas Is You, which got me into the Xmas mood this year, haha. I also added an extra treat, a live version of a song by We Are Scientists. So enjoy! Yes, I have been crazily uploading songs on my new video iPod (even slept at 3 am last night ripping my CDs). I had to give my old iPod away since it's old and scratched (I bought it from Craigslist at the time so it's cheaper). It must be 4th gen, and my second one since my first one got stolen when someone broke into my car long time ago. The first one I loved 'coz it was personalized, hehe. So this video iPod is actually my third one, and also an unexpected gift since I really didn't need one, hehe. Al didn't want my old one since he wanted to keep his silver mini. Argh! Too many iPods without the right accessories...Btw, there is a free single from She Wants Revenge on iTunes right now.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks Cin for my personalized Ipod! ;) I haven't even had time to listen to it! But I will! :)

5:00 PM


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