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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Free Holiday Treat @ Work

Since it's the holiday season, parties @ work are expected. Two nights ago, there was a group get-together at B Street Billiards in San Mateo. I decided not to go since I wasn't feeling very well. It's okay, I wasn't gonna miss their movie treat yesterday anyway. They gave us movie tix to see the premiere of King Kong as a group in downtown San Mateo. I rode with some co-workers, snuck in some burgers and fries from a nearby burger joint, and watched the three-hour movie. I didn't expect to watch this movie, but hey, since it's free, might as well (and it's on the clock anyways, hehe). Naomi Watts sure is pretty in the movie. Although I wasn't convinced of the original concept of love between the king of skull island and the girl, I did miss Al in the theaters and hoped that he was watching the movie with me. The movie was entertaining for sure, and had endearing moments. I thought casting Jack Black was perfect, and I can say that about the rest of the cast as well.

Anyway, I am off work today since my flu is getting worse. I've been sick all week, but I forced myself to go to work to finish up several projects. I think going to the movie made it worse, and last night, I had to make an extra trip to see my bro Jep (who is also sick, and Camila too). I went to give him my gifts for my family in Wash town since my bro and family are going there this weekend. Btw, Al went with me and he too is very sick. Before going to Jep's, I made a quick stop to exchange this chip we bought previously for our magic mic. I think the trip last night made me even sicker. We ate a quick dinner there while the guys watched the Warriors lose (darn) and I made a quick wrap of my gift to Mommy. Hope she likes it though (I wonder if it fits, hehe).

Btw, last night, I passed by this mailbox near my work to mail my second-to-the-last batch of Christmas cards. I usually mail my personal stuff there and lo and behold! I just discovered (gosh, I never notice anything) that ABS-CBN International has moved there (or I wonder, is it a new building, aside from the one on Cowan in Burlingame?) Anyway, I didn't notice until I looked briefly on the right side of the mailbox, and saw blinking lights. I did a double-take saw so many parols! I've never seen sooo many parols in one building like that, and a huge Christmas tree. I'm imagining Macy's in Union Square, where there's a wreath in every window. It's sort of similar, having a parol in each window instead. Now that is Pinoy coolness! A friend later told me to check out the Starry Starry Store during my lunch break. I just might do that now.

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