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Saturday, December 10, 2005

Holiday Fiestas and Parades

Okay, now that the holidays are almost here, ya know the weekends will be hectic - either from shopping or a lot of partying. My shopping is not done yet and there are already a lot of festivities. Today, Al and I went to the Fiesta ng Pasig celebration in Daly City organized by his uncle and auntie who were also the Hermana Mayors (I hope I spelled that right. Anyway, Al committed himself since it was also a mini-reunion of sorts, since he hasn't seen his uncle, auntie and cousins for a long time, although they just live in San Mateo. His older brother was also visiting from Hawaii which was also another reason to be there - plus the fact that he and his family are all originally from Pasig. Anyway, food was great and they also had programs, but we had to cut our stay short since Al also got invited to the Parol exhibit going on in downtown San Francisco. There he met up with his friend Phil, and they chatted a while. We also brought along our friend Dong to enjoy the awesome parol extravanganza (I had him go coz before that he was helping me get discounts for some song chips that I bought for our magic mic since the owner knows him well). I had an alterior motive in the parol parade though - I was hoping to get some free parols. I also found out that a friend (since I was looking for her) just won an award from the city and Mayor Newsom. Congratulations! After that, we dropped off our friend, drove all the way back to San Jose to get our gifts for Al's family, and tried to reach the fiesta. But we didn't make it in time. We just drove back to his uncle's place and met everyone there. We ate dinner, and chatted some more, before leaving for home. Check out some pics we took at Yerba Buena Gardens (sorry for the blurriness, I only had my cell at the time...

Phil and Al doing the shaka by the huge parol.


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